We have started a crowd-funded flight school for veterans in need of our assistance. We are able to significantly cut the cost of flight training because of our volunteer flight instructors, pilot examiners, and donated facilities. Your generous contribution to our troops goes beyond the words "Thank you for your service." It gives them flight time! Project No Soldier Behind will help change the lives of those affected by recent cutbacks from the GI Bill. We, the people, will provide opportunity for our service members as they have provided us with the opportunity of freedom. 


Each service member, as a primary student, needs 200 hours in a helicopter for his or her dream to become a reality.  Even $5 donated by you gets them flight time, lifting them closer to achieving their dreams. Every minute - every second counts.

100% of your donations are used solely for our training purposes: fuel, maintenance, and insurance of the aircraft.

Have something else in mind to donate instead?  (e.g. screen printing, embroidery, transportation, etc.)

Click here and let us know!