It is imperative that we show respect to those who have provided us the opportunity of freedom and abundance. We will forever be in debt to our nation's military members. It is also important to display our gratitude beyond the years of their service. 


While No Soldier Behind is focused on helping those service members who dream of flying, we still want to show our gratitude, respect, and deep appreciation to those wounded and those who have lived a long and honorable life. We want them to know that they are not forgotten and that they hold a special place in our hearts.

There have been many people who have fought for our country who need our continued emotional support. Tim Colceri, Marine Vietnam war veteran and the door gunner from Full Metal Jacket (refresher here), has given his time to begin a one-man VA hospital outreach mission. He visits all of these veterans in his personal full dress Marine Corps blues and provides veterans emotional support, poster signings from the Full Metal Jacket film, and he uplifts the spirits of those confined to bedrest, wheelchairs, and those who are in their final hour.  If you wish to support this wonderful cause, please specify so under the "comments" section in the donations page and we will appropriate 100% of those funds to his cause.